Save valuable time with seamless integration

Screenshot of Quickbooks integration within Advance BMS
QuickBooks Online

Accounting with Antera has never been easier; from our integration with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Xero and other enterprise level accounting solutions. Advanced commission capabilities and reporting can unify the accounting needs of your organization in real-time. Unlike other systems on the market that do download and upload batch processing, Antera’s integration is real-time at the transaction level.

Quick BooksQuickBooksis one of the most widely-used financial accounting programs in the world. Antera has developed an engine to communicate and transfer data with QuickBooks and other enterprise accounting systems. If you currently find any process in your organization, where information must be entered more than once, you have discovered a flawed process. With accounting integration, Antera makes it easy by providing a seamless connection between systems.

XeroXero is a web based accounting system designed for small to medium businesses. Like QuickBooks, our Xero integration provides real-time feeds of all data including account, contacts, vendors, products, orders and accounts payable. Antera Advance fills the gaps that exist in Xero and QuickBooks and manages processes like inventory and commissions to provide our customers the flexibility they need.

Other Accounting Solutions: Antera has added functionality that provides advanced inventory management, commissions programs and other utilities to eliminate the need for more advanced accounting systems, and provide the flexibility needed in the promotional products industry. We also have the ability to connect to other systems like Microsoft Dynamics®, Sage Accounting, and NetSuite® though our Open API’s.

Commissions: Advanced commissions and payroll is a module designed to provide a promotional products distributor with all the tools needed to manage draws, commission, hourly and salaried employees, as well as items like advances and sample budgets. Everything you need to manage your employees’ compensation is built into this module. Please contact for more information.


From any screen in the system an activity can be triggered and connected to a module.  Activities are designed to notify and record notes, tasks, calls, meetings and quality control associated with events.  Advance™ activities will automatically appear on the home page dashboard for the assigned user and can be associated with Accounts, Vendors, Contacts, Orders, Projects and Project Tasks.


Each users home page is a dashboard providing the important details for their day.  Dashboards are both informational and directional.  Whether you are looking at a card or a graph, you can click on it to be directed to the filtered information you want to see. A management dashboard only visible to admin users, displays company overall statistics.

Dashboards can be specific to department and customized.

  • Executive
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Production
  • Embroidery
  • Screen print
  • Shipping
  • Inventory…


Advance™ Mail module allows you to receive and send emails from within the Antera system.  Using SMTP and IMAP settings, Antera provides the user live emails in Antera. You can have multiple email accounts and change the sending account at the document email level.

Save an email allows you to attach an email to a quote, order, customer or vendor.  In the event he users email is no longer active, these saved emails still remain with the customer or order.


Antera works with a large number of partners to bring you complementary technologies.  From search engines to marketing automation, Antera has connected best of class providers of services.

Please reach out to if you have a question about a current or potential integration.  Antera regularly reviews integration options and adds additional Open API’s to give  companies the integration they need.

Take a look at a complete list of integrated partners. 


Antera’s reporting module allows an admin user to publish reports, rename them and determine the departments that they should be published under.

Reports can be produced in landscape or portrait PDF format or downloaded as a CSV file.   Filters enable you to control the output.

Antera provides all reports at no charge and they can be created using any metrics from the system.

Permissions control the departments a user is able to view.


The ability to get information and training is critical. Antera publishes videos for every module in our knowledge base.  You can easily review videos by department or search for a video by content.

The ? button published on the top right of every page will also pop-out videos specific to the department.  You get all the critical information you need at the place you need it.

The support button on the bottom right of the page will trigger a support ticket to Antera’s support desk. The ticket can be generated from any page of the system and it provides Antera the critical details about the user logged in and the page they are on.

Cloud Storage

Built into the Antera Advance™ system is cloud file storage. All documents sent to customers will automatically be saved to the cloud for the quote or order they are originated from.  Artwork is saved each time an artwork card is created and proofs save to the order folder.

The system has built in viewers for all of your artwork and file types.

The cloud system is fully integrated with Antera and accessible throughout the system.  When loading files, the user can load from their desktop or the cloud system. 

Virtual File Share

When you move to a hosted cloud based system you typically lose the ability to store or manage your files in a local network share environment.  With Antera Advance™, you files are still accessible using our Virtual Share technology.  Not only can you access them as if they are on your network, but also you have the ability to run backups from the file share to save all files on your local servers. 

Artists have the ability to select a file directly from the share folder to open, modify and re-save.


A number of suppliers and distributor do direct sourcing of products including international sourcing.  Antera’s sourcing module will allow the sourcing process to flow from Opportunity to Sourcing from Factories, to Quote generation.  The process includes adding the additional charges for freight, customs, inspections and duties that are present in international sourcing of products.

Maintain inventory

With our fully-integrated Inventory Management Module, all your inventory can be tracked in real-time and managed. Our Inventory Management Module helps you immediately answer questions such as:

How much inventory do you currently have on hand?
What is the current warehouse location of all of your products?
Can you track defective products to the customer level?
How long is it taking for an order to get picked?
Can you track items in multiple locations down to bin level and serial or lot number?
Are you relying on intuitive design or corporate tradition to develop your pick lists?

A few of the features include:

  • Bin Location Tracking
  • Pick Lists
  • Multiple Warehouse Management
  • Automatic Quantity Update
  • Barcode Scanning
  • FIFO Costing
  • Serialized and Lot Tracking Systems
  • Defective Lot Tracking
  • Intra-Warehouse Staging

With our industry-leading integration with QuickBooks, we can offer real time data to customers needing the most advanced solutions in inventory management and control. 

Manage and simplify employee compensation

Commissions: Advanced commissions and payroll is a module designed to provide a promotional products distributor with all the tools needed to manage draws, commission, hourly and salaried employees, as well as items like advances and sample budgets. Everything you need to manage your employees’ compensation is built into this module. Please ask an Antera sales representative about what it can do for you.

  • Profit or revenue based commissions
  • Variable scale commissions
  • Commissions groups
  • Advanced logic enabled
  • Flexibility with multiple program types

Contact for more information or to discuss your advanced commission needs.