CRM Customer Relationship Manager

Customer Relationship Manager maintains all critical information for customers and vendors

This is where it all begins

Use our customer relationship management (CRM), tool to build 
relationships, automate your workflow processes and grow
your business more efficiently. You can store, manage and access customer
information easily in one central location.

You can’t sell products if you don’t know who your prospects and customers
are. Your CRM will retain all your customer information relating to accounts,
contacts, leads and sales forecasts. It stores the key information 
important for your business, including personal information like family
birth dates and a full history of events and contacts that have been


Both customers and vendors are managed in the accounts module. Unique fields for customer and vendor allow you to manage all the significant settings and differences between the two.

Accounts begins with a dashboard for each of your accounts. From the dashboard you have critical information, as well as navigation to the modules in the system. Whether you want to see open opportunities for the account or your current outstanding quotes… all the information is at your fingertips!

Accounts will allow you to maintain all critical information relating to customers and vendors. It provides unlimited connected contacts that can be tagged for document distribution. You are able to select contacts for your sale and automatically have documents delivered as tagged.


Contacts also has its own unique dashboard. By selecting contacts from the list view, or using the global search, you are directed to a dashboard that identifies all the critical data for that contact. Advance™ maintains information on each of your contacts and break down sales reporting by contact.

With the contacts modules you will see an overview of open leads, activities, quotes, orders, opportunities and connected companies by contact and navigate to those records. Advance™ allows an unlimited amount of contacts to be associated with a company and also an unlimited amount of companies connected to a contact. If you have purchasers that are buying on behalf of multiple companies, this allows you to simplify your management of information.


Leads need to be a priority for any sales organization. Advance™ leads can be placed in a queue for distribution and automatically fed to sales people.

The process of converting a lead to a contact and customer is unique. When the user selects convert, the system will automatically create an account and a contact icon in one step.

Leads are fed to dashboards that offer extensive reporting to make sure nothing ever falls through the cracks.


Opportunities is your sales pipeline. An opportunity can be created to identify unique sales possibilities and track their progress for sales and management. With Advance™ the opportunities module ensures all larger quotes are reviewed regularly and progress through sales stages.

The dollar amount of opportunities per sales stage is identified at the top of each column to ensure each sales person can easily see their forecasted activity. Also, a quote or order can easily be generated from an opportunity, giving you the ability to track the % of opportunities that resulted in sales.

By dragging an opportunity on to the closed, won or closed lost columns, you will trigger popups to identify the ‘reason won’ or ‘reason lost’. Analysis of closed lost will provide your organization with valuable details to improve your closing ratios.


Projects is designed to manage details related to larger opportunities. This module will give you a overview of the tasks required by project and assign deadlines and responsible parties.

The projects module can be related to tasks and assigned to any user. A project manager can have an overview of the entire project to make sure all deadlines are met.

File Manager

As soon as you start working with customers you start assembling data.

Data can be artwork, customer specifications, agreements, misc. documents, price sheets… the data keeps coming.

With Advance™ you receive unlimited cloud storage with the ability to record all your important data. Folders are automatically built under each account:

  • Artwork
  • General
  • Opportunities
  • Orders
  • Projects
  • Quotes
  • Sourcing

When orders or quotes are generated, all documents downloaded or sent are automatically saved to the cloud folder for that order. Automatic versioning maintains each variation sent to the customer.

Integration and Antera API's

The information you store in Antera is your most valuable asset. This information has been accumulated by your team from doing business over the years. The ability to get to that information is very important. With Antera’s third party integration and open API’s, you have the ability to query the Advance™ system or push/pull information to other applications.

Systems like MailChimpConstant ContactTaxJarShipStationCardConnectPromoStandards and dozens more can automatically feed data to, or from, Antera and Antera regularly adds different product integrations.