Advance Business Management System Orders Module


Antera’s artwork library manages all customer art from triggering a job and artist assignment through internal and customer approval.


Using PromoStandards for our invoice integration, Advance™ enables you to generate and send complete and accurate invoices automatically.


Inventory was the first and most widely adopted PromoStandards endpoint. Our fully-integrated Inventory Management Module leverages PromoStandards to the fullest.


Managing shipments using multiple carriers and methods can be a daunting task especially when dealing with international orders.


The Supplier Purchase Order (PO) is automatically generated. In the event of multiple suppliers on the same order, a new purchase order is generated for each supplier.


Production provides workflow to manage unlimited decoration types in an orderly fashion. A customizable flow calculates run time and estimated run time by decoration type.


Quality products fuel your business! Through the integration of the PromoStandards endpoint for product data, Advance™ provides distributors with an enhanced version of a product catalog that is updated automatically in real-time.

Proof Management

Antera provides several ways to initiate and send customers proofs.  The proof option you select is dependent on your actual flow.  The biggest advantage is to send your customer electronic proof and have an instant update of the status.

Bulk Purchase Order Module

This is a recent addition to the Advance™ order management functionality. It enables users to monitor inventory levels with precision and make bulk purchases with ease.


An opportunity turned into a quote carries the same identifying number all the way through the Antera system. Opportunity numbers become quote numbers, order numbers, invoice numbers, and PO numbers.


Antera’s inventory module includes receiving. Receiving automatically triggers production to notify the production staff the product has arrived.


Advance™ offers a sourcing module that will allow the sourcing process to flow from opportunity to sourcing from factories to quote generation.


Vouching provides 3-way matching of purchase orders, receiving and invoices. For all invoices received, the original PO can be pulled and compared for consistency.

New Advanced Workflow

The Advance™ Order Management module uses workflow programs to control the sequence of events that occur in the fulfillment of orders. Advanced workflow is configurable to match your specific business and production schedules.