Customers begins with a dashboard for each of your accounts. From the dashboard you have critical information, as well as navigation to the various modules in the system that you have selected on sign up. Whether you want to see open opportunities for the customer or keep on top of your current outstanding quotes, all the information is at your fingertips!

Customers will allow you to maintain all essential information relating to customers provides unlimited connected contacts that can be tagged for document distribution. Customer preferences are stored to make each customer experience unique. You are able to select contacts for your sale and automatically have documents delivered as tagged.

Now you can control all fields displayed and highlight specific fields to draw attention.  The system can be customized based on your preferences.

Our new Group notification feature allows for tasks associated with accounts in your CRM to be assigned at the group rather than individual level.  Once groups have been created and tasks assigned, the system notifies everyone in the group by email that they have been assigned a task.

Our Vendor Alias feature eliminates the risk of multiple versions of the same vendor being added to Advance™ by mistake.  Using parameters input by the user, it can  recognize spelling variations, space issues and so on. The system will only add the vendor if they are a genuinely new addition.

Antera Advance™ provides workflow though individual modules to meet your management needs.  With Customer Kanban Workflow you can progress a customer account through your predetermined approval steps until approved and established with your company guidelines. Kanban workflow is available in a number of modules including Customers, Leads, Opportunities, Quotes, Orders, Artwork, Purchase Orders, and Production.

Using rules with the Kanban workflows enables you to always know the status of all items in an instant.