Antera’s artwork library manages all customer art from triggering a job and  artist assignment through internal and customer approval. The flow is customizable and designed to create the needed notices and actions to make sure all commitments are met.

The file manager holds all files used in drafting your art and it stays with the art card throughout the process.  The artist is able to tag any files that should accompany the vendor or customer documents.

Filtering by artist or by due date allows you to know exactly what items are due and pending at any time.  Color coding makes it easy to prioritize and the use of the star feature will accelerate a job to the top of the list.


Billing is designed to manage the flow of all orders to be able to see the current status and ensure all billing is timely.  You can customize your flow from initial creation through the final billing.

  • Pending
  • Booked
  • Fulfilled
  • Approved
  • Complete

Antera allows you to identify your own custom flows of billing.


With our fully-integrated Inventory Management Module, all your inventory can be tracked in real-time and managed. Our Inventory Management Module helps you immediately answer questions such as:

How much inventory do you currently have on hand?
What is the current warehouse location of all of your products?
Can you track defective products to the customer level?
How long is it taking for an order to get picked?
Can you track items in multiple locations down to bin level and serial or lot number?
Are you relying on intuitive design or corporate tradition to develop your pick lists?

A few of the features include:

  • Bin Location Tracking
  • Pick Lists
  • Multiple Warehouse Management
  • Automatic Quantity Update
  • Barcode Scanning
  • FIFO Costing
  • Serialized and Lot Tracking Systems
  • Defective Lot Tracking
  • Intra-Warehouse Staging

With our industry-leading integration with QuickBooks Enterprise, we can offer real time data to customers needing the most advanced solutions in inventory management and control.


Managing shipments using multiple carriers and methods can be a daunting task especially when dealing with international orders. With Antera’s logistics module you have the ability to control and view all stages of the delivery process including inspections and dealing with other 3rd parties.

Customization allows users to adjust the workflow to meet the the specific needs of your logistics department and trigger events to make sure all aspects of the delivery are managed.


The Supplier PO is automatically generated. In the event of multiple suppliers on the same order, a new purchase order is generated for each supplier. The system allows you to show supplier-only notes and relay information to the supplier that is hidden from the customer. Supplier POs can be setup to automatically send. Those suppliers with the ability to receive orders electronically in the form of an XML, CSV or EDI transaction can be setup to receive POs electronically in the form they require. Artwork uploaded with the order is automatically remitted to the supplier when the purchase order is sent.

The Supplier PO List provides a detailed view of the activity on all purchase orders. It is the control panel for managing and tracking orders. The list allows a user to see all purchase orders created for an order and an up to date status. The user can trigger actions including the management and approval of the purchase order, artwork and freight tracking all the way through the entire fulfillment and delivery process. Every order and purchase order can be easily viewed with the link to the cloud storage. Sales staff with limited access to purchase orders can view results and status activity in their own order summary.

Color-coded actions make it easy to manage and control all aspects of the order and delivery process while automated notifications and updates make your processes easy to manage.

Artwork management, wearable matrix and commission automation are just some of the features that allow you to eliminate manual steps. The generation of an order has traditionally been a very manual and paper-intensive task in the promotional products industry. Some companies fax them in, and some mail them in. Some even have an electronic order form, but very few have the technology that is provided by Antera. With a click you can turn a quote into an order and process through your system. QuickBooks integration makes the whole process seamless. Simply select the price and quantity you want on the order and select save and process.

Antera’s Order Form provides the user the ability to manage every aspect of the order. A wearable matrix allows you to easily account for all wearable items and provide the exact size, color and quantities to the suppliers. Artwork can be uploaded to each line item. Shipping instructions per line item and account info provide the ability to manage multi-vendor orders quickly. The system automatically generates purchase orders for each vendor and manages the entire order process.

Order confirmation, wearable matrix, artwork upload, credit card authorization, auto-feed of vendor, customer and salesperson information, are all features that make this a simple and user-friendly system.

The Order List provides the user a snapshot of all options regarding the order. You can edit, duplicate, and generate previews or acknowledgements. You can manage multiple versions of the order and trigger the steps to process the order completely. User rights can give customer service processing people access to the system for approval if your workflow dictates it. All document images are saved to the cloud for easy access by an authorized user.


Production provides workflow to manage unlimited decoration types in an orderly fashion.  A customizable flow calculates run time and estimated run time by decoration type.  Equipment and processes entered automatically calculate your run time and allow you to prioritize jobs.  Scheduling allows you to control job assignment and auto batching can bring jobs with the same decoration variation together.  With Antera’s production module you can easily control and see each stage of the decoration process.

Production status updates to workflow to allow your users to see everything happening real time.


Quality products fuel your business! Antera allows you to manually create products, upload them using CSV files or import from ESP and Promo Standards. A user can also create products by pushing them in from SAGE Online.

The selection of products to populate a quote or order is a simple task. By using filters, you have the ability to select specific suppliers, product numbers, price ranges or product categories to reduce the quantity of items shown.

Once a product is saved locally, it can be used frequently and can also automatically update against the suppliers original products to ensure price changes or color discontinuations are up to date.

Proof Management

Antera provides several ways to initiate and send customers proofs.  The proof option you select is dependent on your actual flow.  The biggest advantage is to send your customer an electronic proof and have an instant update of the status.

Customers can approve, approve with changes or decline proofs and this electronic flow time and date stamps each activity to ensure you get your proofs approved quickly and also have a paper trail to document approval.  A declined proof can automatically feed back to an artist to simplify the flow and ensure you get timely changes back to your customer.


An opportunity turned into a quote carries the same identifying number all the way through the Antera system. Opportunity numbers become quote numbers, order numbers, invoice numbers and PO numbers. A quote can be triggered from the quote menu or orders. Quote can be invoice styled or multi-quote with a larger image, price breaks and unique layout.

Antera’s document editor allows you to customize your quotes and all documents to showcase the information you prefer. By adding templates, you can have a unique look for your company and really customize the documents to look any way you want.

All quotes can be accessed in a Quote List and can be edited, copied or easily converted to an order from here. Customers that require multiple quotes can even use our versioning feature to allow the full history of quotes presented to be maintained.


Antera’s inventory module includes receiving.  Receiving automatically triggers production to notify the production staff the product has arrived and is ready for decoration.

By selecting a PO number, a user can see all items on the original PO and receive the items by line.  The user is allowed to have multiple warehouses and bin locations and select them at the time of receiving.


A number of suppliers and distributor do direct sourcing of products including international sourcing.  Antera’s sourcing module will allow the sourcing process to flow from Opportunity to Sourcing from Factories, to Quote generation.  The process includes adding the additional charges for freight, customs, inspections and duties that are present in international sourcing of products.


Vouching provides 3 way matching of purchase orders, receiving and invoices.  For all invoices received, the original PO can be pulled and compared for consistency.  If an adjustment needs to be made based upon quantity received or a price adjustment, the system will automatically update the original order gross profit and commissions paid.

Connection to PromoStandards allows for the vendor invoice to be retrieved electronically and compare on-screen.  View you PO against the vendor invoice, make the needed adjustments and process to update to QuickBooks or another connected accounting system.


Antera Order Management uses Antera Workflow programs to control the sequence of events that occur in the fulfillment of orders. Advanced workflow is configurable to match your specific business and production schedules. Each step can trigger actions to manage your entire production process. Timeouts can be set to alert you should something in the process fall behind and need attention. Antera Workflow manages order activities, executes tasks, sends notifications, maintains completed activity history and detects process errors.

Antera Order Management uses Antera Workflow programs to control the sequence of events that occur in the fulfillment of orders. Advanced workflow is configurable to match your specific business and production schedules. Each step can trigger actions to manage your entire production process. Timeouts can be set to alert you should something in the process fall behind and need attention. Antera Workflow manages order activities, executes tasks, sends notifications, maintains completed activity history and detects process errors.