Promo Standards Endpoints

How do you sign up?

You can sign up for PromoStandards free online. There is no cost and a distributor or supplier can sign up in minutes.

Antera combines 4 PromoStandards endpoints to give you more control using technology

One of the key points to the Antera system is how we use PromoStandards to make your life easier.

Save time with automatic feed of invoices for vouching

Receiving an invoice from a vendor and vouching that invoice against the receiving and original purchase order is a critical part of business.

Order Status

The ability to know the status of your supplier order is critical. How many calls are made a week to find out this information.

Order Shipment Notification

Shipment notifications from PromoStandards make it easy to stay on top of all of your transactions.

Purchase Orders

Antera allows you to automatically submit your purchase orders through PromoStandards. Suppliers receive the purchase order electronically and remit back an accepted or declined status.

Definitions of endpoints and % of adoption

The display of current on-hand inventory is available live in Antera’s order form where products are added to an order.