Designed exclusively for promotional product professionals

EditionProfessionalEnterpriseEnterprise Inventory
Minimum Users111
Setup Cost$3,500.00QuotedQuoted
Setup Hours Included20QuotedQuoted
Support OptionsPhone/Email/TicketPhone/Email/TicketPhone/Email/Ticket
Import Capabilities
Target Lists
Reporting (Advanced)
Compensation ModuleOptional*Optional*Optional*
Cloud Based
File Manager
Artwork Versioning
Auto Notifications 
Order Management   
Artwork Approval
Dynamic Line Items
Dynamic Quotes
Shipping Notice
Credit Card Integration
Dynamic Quotes
Quote Preferences
Customer Portal
Workflow (Advanced)
QuickBooks™ Online Integration
QuickBooks™ Desktop IntegrationOptional*Optional*Optional*
Product Database Integrations   
Distributor Central (option)Optional*Optional*Optional*
ESP Integration
Sage Integration
Direct Connections with Available SuppliersOptional*Optional*Optional*
Inventory Module   
Full Inventory Management  
Warehouse and Bin Locations  
Lot Numberinng  
Inventory Reporting  

*module/feature can be added for an additional charge

System Pricing

Here’s where value exceeds cost

Antera understands and appreciates your business needs are unique. As as a result, a generic out-of-the box system will not meet all your needs and allow your business to flourish. Antera’s solutions are bespoke, meaning tailored to fit the exacting requirements of your workflow. Therefore, we first collect the information we need in order to determine and price the system that’s right for your business. Please provide us with the following information regarding your company and someone from our team will contact you promptly.

Terms of Use

Our Terms of Use detail important information about what you can expect of us and what we expect of you when you use Antera Software products and services.

The Terms of Use is a comprehensive document covering a wide range of topics including privacy, how we handle sensitive data, and what we do to protect sensitive data. The Terms It also specifies the rules for the customer using our system.

The Terms of Use is composed of:

Master Service Agreement (MSA), a comprehensive agreement for using Antera Software’s products. The MSA says what’s expected of customers and what customers can expect of us while they’re subscribed to Antera Software’s system. MSA’s are unique to individual customers.

Privacy Policy, which details how we collect, store, and process data, including Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Data Breach Notification Policy, which details the steps we take to protect sensitive data and what we will do if sensitive information is breached.

Antera Software and GDPR
Antera Software is a strong proponent of clear, concise and responsible privacy practices. We would like to explain Antera and GDPR.