Admin access to control the way the system works for you

Advance™ provides administrative access to ebable you to modify and configure the system to meet your needs. An admin user can add/remove fields, relabel fields, determine drop down values and make adjustments to dozens of settings. The following administrative modules are available for adjustments and customization.

  • Order Configuration
  • Module Fields
  • Categories
  • Drop-Down Editor
  • Decoration Types
  • Decoration Locations
  • Additional Charges
  • Reports
  • Warehouses
  • Units of Measure
  • Commissions
  • Documents
  • Email Templates
  • Integrations
  • Imports
  • Permissions


Flexibility to control the way your orders and documents are viewed by customers or users is an important administrative function. With the Antera Advance™ system, you have the ability to set default configuration settings to manage orders based upon your preferences.

Is the product taxable? Do you want to roll additional charges and fees into the product and have it represented as a single price? What about pricing behavior?  Do you want it to automatically adjust prices for price breaks or standard margin?

Configuration will allow you to set defaults and control standard behaviors, but you still have the ability to override and adjust items for specific orders.


Commissions gives you the flexibility to pay commissions based upon revenue or gross profit.  Plans allow for payment to groups comprising multiple people. Target profit allows for commissions to increase based upon the level of gross profit.

Paid on paid invoices, or paid on booked as well as special commission logic give you tremendous options to meet your commission needs.

Dashboards can even identify commissions on a real-time basis.

Decoration fees

Antera Advance™ maintains a decoration fees table to automatically insert charges and prices in an order. You have the ability to upload as many decoration vendors price lists as you would like. The system automatically inserts the vendor’s price for the order submitted.

Additional charges like setup fees can automatically be added. You also have the flexibility to maintain contract pricing or specific customer pricing.


Antera’s Advance™ document editor gives the  ability to customize each of your documents. You can upload your logo, select a template and then adjust the details of items shown to determine exactly what you want your customer or vendor documents to reflect.

Email templates

There are 16 unique emails that can be sent out via the system.  Antera Advance™ enables you to create a unique template for each of these emails. You can utilize the email template’s merge tags to automatically insert customer, vendor or order details.

Each email triggered uses the appropriate template and the user can designate any sender entered.


Large quantities of data can be imported into the your system using Antera’s Advance™ import module.  This module enables you to import data using a .CSV template to quickly populate your records.

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Decoration Charges
  • Products
  • Inventory
  • Warehouses and Bins
  • Artwork
  • Leads
  • Locations


All integrations are managed in the Advance™ admin integrations module.

KPI dashboards

Advance™ KPI dashboards can provide real-time views into the performance of your company by department.  These can be customized to display performance by department or overall company statistics. This will keep your organization on the correct performance track. By automatically refreshing every minute, you are assured of up-to-date, accurate information.


Advance™ permissions module allows admin users to segment permissions by user groups as well as use custom logic to control specific events.  You can lock down features like delete or turn on specific functions like invoice an order.  Basic permissions  gives you full control of any data you want, or do not want, your staff to have access to.