Cool Stuff Exclusively For You!

Antera leads the industry in new and innovative features. Our development teams are constantly releasing COOL STUFF to make your job easier and increase customer satisfaction. Here are a few things that are unique to Antera.

EDI capabilites of the Advance business management system

Customer portal

  • Artwork approval
  • Reports
  • Interactive quotes
  • Order history
  • Invoices
  • Payment portal
  • New products

Advance™ customer portal provides an unequaled level of access and functionality for your customers.  Users can login to approve artwork proofs, access enabled reports, view interactive quotes to turn them into orders, view order history and current status, review and pay invoices, upload files or review the latest new products you want to make them aware of.

"This is a customer retention tool"

“When our customers receive these benefits, they quickly dismiss evaluating other vendors that cannot provide the same functionality.”

Distributor Owner

Alternate vendor

Graphic showing the words game-changer

Antera Advance™ has a unique feature that enables you to identify alternate vendors that sell the same product.  With the touch of a button you can explore other vendors pricing and inventory to go with the best option.
Alternate products will also suggest
similar products that can be substituted.

Imagine comparing prices, inventory and shipping warehouses on a single screen and make the best selections possible for your order!

Corporate identity

seelection of invoices that can be output by Advance business management system

One system – multiple companies

There has been a growing trend in the industry to acquire other distributors to grow business.  A number of our accounts do such a good job of order management they are able to take on the back-end transaction processing for other companies, or they allow companies they acquire to retain their own corporate identity.

With Antera Advance™, you can create multiple identities and connect an identity to a customer or sales person.  Documents automatically reflect the new identity and provide a seamless transition from one to the next.  Financial statements can reflect each identify in its own column and you have the ability to run consolidated or individual statements.

Interactive quote

Interactive quote allows you to easily provide a format for your customers to narrow down their choices, select specific colors and sizes and get an accurate quote.

The customer can zoom in on products to see more details or color options. They can eliminate unwanted items and even turn the quote into a order by selecting the place order option.

Interactive quote is styled nicely for full screen, or tables and cell phone.